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Ocean Hotel Shanghai (Shanghai Yuanyang Binguan) boasts a new 5-star look after three years' worth of renovations.Rooms in this Shanghai hotel are exquisitely furnished and equipped with the latest digital control systems.Those looking to boost their energy levels can take advantage of the hotel's considerable recreational facilities which include a fitness center,indoor swimming pool, mini-golf,billiards room,spa and KTV.[View Detail]    

住客评论 2777条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • alina_xie
    Big room, the bed is small enough.
  • jessica8133
    Services, facilities, and playing around the border is a bit poor, but can also, prices in Shanghai to get by, but no return, is too dominating.
  • badroot
    Bad environment construction
  • ljwei
    Hotels near the Bund, good location, hotel services and facilities are satisfactory, rooms at the feel-good, Nice hotels, will be selected after
  • WinnerLin
    Room was clean, service was very good, and room upgrades, travel is also very convenient, and probably not 5 minutes from Metro ... recommended.
  • yiyayoyo
  • d628an
    Convenient location, nice
  • sunxiao878
    Hotel very good, Metro and bus stops are very close. the breakfast is also very good, cost-effective.
  • annie188
    Good hotel, facilities were very good. the hotel staff were very friendly. it's no streets can stroll nearby. overall satisfaction!
  • artificluv
    Nice environment, and a bit noisy, old facilities, which is not very convenient, but the price is not expensive in Shanghai, in general do not meet specifications of the five-star hotel, but still recommended
  • DearLouie
    A very good environment, plus quilt is looking for customer service when customer service is not so good, send them directly with a quilt cover and batteries, that we can set a good, I won't have time for?
  • lucidamay
    Good service at the front desk, and free upgrade to deluxe room
  • fxm83
    Overall very good, excellent service
  • m05066843
    All right
  • amoly0605
    Live, very good hotel, room is very convenient
  • Angela111810
    This travel a total of 10 days in the ocean is the most enjoyable experience!
  • anone851103
    Very good
  • iceperiod
    Very good! cheap may be active, the price is the best around! Nice, is the surrounding environment, but very close to subway! will stay next time, hope to see more events!
  • niejiarong
    Hotel health also good, traffic because away from Metro more than 200 more meters also is convenient, is dinner not convenient, out play best in outside eat finished again back, hotel loft restaurant, service manual clearly wrote with to ten points, we nine points back dinner, results waiter said work has, ten points is they most late of work time, victims of I and children eat of instant noodles, very upset?
  • volodia
    Very good, will stay
  • i_am_teddywong
    Old hotel, very good location, travel around very good living environment is also very easy. There is across the street is the Huangpu River, the night light is very beautiful, one small and quiet, was taking a walk after supper is good, praise 1!
  • aixinjueluo
    High performance-price ratio
  • e05561782
    Established five-star hotels, facilities very good, room is big enough, warm service, convenient walk to the subway station in 10 minutes.
  • gladbanana
    General Hotel, hotel after 500 metres there is a famous milk fritters, not to the Concierge called baggage a lot when we go, do not lend a hand we jii
  • e03717326
    Very good, the room is spacious, health, location is also very good, from the Bund, Pudong is close, convenient. next time you still want to live in the hotel
  • youfuyuan
    This newly renovated hotel.
  • muxisan
    Why didn't my cash back? said 210 of the customer service help me to apply for, and two rooms or less,
  • raydj
    Baby cots are available free at the hotel, families with children is very convenient
  • dj_520727
    Well, free upgrade to Executive room, very good
  • rudy130
    Service was good, but parking is always a problem, parking space is limited.
  • lucille_218
    Room was very big, very convenient traffic, service can be, is the bed was too small
  • dasea2005
    Number of rooms at the, I feel pretty good.
  • e00253320
    This hotel is great, service is good,
  • dancewater00
    Very good, very good, there is a five-star hotel.
  • coolle
    Hotel service is excellent, the room was clean, bathroom shower issue, suggested that the hotel should prompt service.
  • bblovelg21
  • alvin8398
    Very good, the price is acceptable, next election here
  • Ibirde
    Good!! comfortable!
  • Startu
    Stayed many times Executive room was large
  • linyuan0610
    Once again staying at the hotel, although this time it's friend, but my trust in the ocean is, as always, hope you will be satisfied with my recommendation.
  • ftwll
    That's good
    Great location convenient
  • dongtao78
    Shang poor Shanghai General are live this hotel. no it, just habits has. door child, front desk reception are is specification enthusiasm. concierge department called car also is shortcut thoughtful. rooms service in place, clean aunt is has courtesy. especially can from door outside according to key card whether plug in take electric mouth and know guest whether in room in the, to while empty clean room. such both can timely clean and not effect guest. Unfortunately the pool won't be open due to renovation. this hotel is probablyIt of swimming pool of. Unfortunately this back useless Shang. rooms also is air conditioning problem. first staying, temperatures also didn't drop, so room somewhat hot. thermostat no fruit, found regardless of will temperature adjustable to more low, out outlet blow out of are just same temperature of heat. and quilt and thick. cover with too hot, opened and kind of cold. had to put window open, still hot, results made cold has. but next day cooling, off air conditioning Hou feel has some. Hotel the only weakness is that itRestaurant. first night seven o'clock more down, empty to. reception front desk is sat with a girls, but I after she before in she not only didn't talk, on even head also didn't lift. finally caught with a in inside stay station of another a girls, asked restaurant whether open. She surface no expression to said 'open', will no below has. last also is decided Shang to II floor to points Chinese. Unfortunately II floor that restaurant checkout Shi only told said cannot hanging room account, and cannot card, only received cash, because that mealOffice not a hotel management and outsourcing. Breakfast in a floor restaurant self. took finished dish in front go, behind suddenly was one end plate in people all around in the legs of glasses male service health stepped on off has upper, almost was he tripped. back see he, not only no apologized of mean, even and front are didn't to, still swagger to bypass I continues to forward. this not only just lack training has, this even most at least of courtesy are no. in stove in is responsible for to guest clip snack of fat master, And noodle Chef Chat by themselves, and uncle to guests is always an indifferent expression, like sneering at everyone.
  • e03299351
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating, shopping is very convenient ... hotel facilities, rooms are clean and new equipment, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying at!
  • GavinLee887
    Only downside is the airport is too far, take a taxi one way 100. other aspects are very good.
  • barda
    In Shanghai, the price ratio is possible, like shopping, not fit to live here
  • Maplegroup
    Very good, very pleasant
  • cordy
    Next is too wild a hotel-
  • coco4587
    Hotel room is big, the bathroom is very big and clean room facilities in Shanghai City, value for money very good. breakfast variety, good quality, the disadvantage is that position slightly, go out for dinner to go for a while.